How to Choose a Good Dry Boat Storage Facility

Palms Marina/ November 21, 2019

When you decide to take the plunge to become a boat owner, you immediately realize how important the location of the boat becomes. It may be kept in a driveway, garage, backyard, marina, dry storage facility or other places not usually suitable for your boat. This article will address what to think about and look for in dry storage facility.

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Clearing Stumps From Lake Conroe

Palms Marina/ February 1, 2012

Clearing Stumps From Lake Conroe – At the end of last year (12/13/11), local Fishing Organizations, The Lake Conroe Association, San Jacinto River Authority, Texas Parks and Wildlife, US Forestry Service, The Palms Marina and E-Z Boat Storage worked together in an effort to eliminate stump hazards located in the main parts of the lake (not creeks, tributaries, or dry

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