The Palms Marina Boat Storage and private launch service will get you and your boat in-the-water on Lake Conroe so quickly, you may not want to utilize our quicker out-of-the-water service. We put it in, we take it out! You can store your boat off the lake and hope a public boat launch will have room for you if hassle free boating is not a priority. Things to Consider When Choosing Storage for Your Boat

  • Gated Entrance
  • Steel Boat Storage Units
  • Concrete Drives & Pads
  • Electricity in All Units
  • 5 Launching Ramps Accessible 24/7
  • Unlimited Valet Launching
  • Five (5) Launch Tractors
580+ fully enclosed dry boat storage units and stalls, most with concrete drives, will keep your boat or auto(when on the water) secure and safe. More valet launchers and boat launch tractors have been added to insure immediate placement of boats into Lake Conroe for dry storage tenants.

Our Dry storage buildings will accomodate boats over 40′ without lowering canopies or sport racks. Trained tractor drivers pull your boat in and out of the water. Park your car or truck inside your unit, keeping it cool and secure.

How Valet Launching Works

Valet Launching will contribute so much to your boating experience, and in less than 5 minutes each way. Besides that, your reputation will be intact since there won’t be anyone to talk about your bad launching abilities.

Arrival Step 1
Walkie-Talkie a Valet Upon Arrival
Arrival Step 2
Valet Responds He is on the Way
Arrival Step 3
Load Up the Boat Quickly
Arrival Step 4
Valet Hooks Up Your Boat
Arrival Step 5
Valet Pulls Your Boat from the Stall
Arrival Step 6
Park Your Car Inside the Stall
Arrival Step 7
Close the Doors of Your Stall
Arrival Step 8
Lock Your Vehicle Inside the Stall
Arrival Step 9
Climb Aboard Your Boat
Arrival Step 10
A Short Ride to the Launch
Launch Step 1
Valet Backs Your Boat into the Water
Launch Step 2
Valet Unhooks Your Boat from the Trailer
Return Step 1
After Boating, Show Your Stall Number to the Valets
Return Step 2
Valet Backs Up for You to Dock onto Your Trailer
Return Step 3
Valet Pulls You and Your Boat from the Water
Return Step 4
Pull Your Plug for Water Drainage
Return Step 5
Riding Back to Your Stall
Return Step 6
Open the Doors to Your Stall
Return Step 7
Back Your Car from the Stall
Return Step 8
Valet Parks Your Boat into Your Stall
Return Step 9
Lock Your Boat in Your Stall, Climb In the Car and Be Happy
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Boat Storage and Launch Service

marina boat storage and launch

Live on the West Side?

Should you want a dry boat storage facility closer to you and the Sam Houston National Forest, E-Z Boat Storage & Valet Launch might be your place to be.

Frequently Asked Questions About Valet Boat Storage on Lake Conroe

When you arrive at your boat stall, use the nearest walkie-talkie to radio you are ready to launch. A valet tractor “launcher” will arrive to hook up your boat. Park and lock your vehicle in your stall. Then with your party in the boat, the valet backs your boat into the water, parking your trailer nearby.

You will have a large sign to hold up when approaching the boat ramp your boat was launched from. The sign has your stall number on it which tells the Valet what trailer to back into the water for you to dock your boat onto.

October 1 to May 1: 8am to 5pm
May 1 to September 30: 8am to 8pm or sundown, whichever comes first
Months of April & October: Friday and Saturday open 8am to sundown

Open every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day