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google logoPalms MarinaPalms Marina
4.6 Stars - Based on 91 User Reviews
  • James Wolfe AvatarJames Wolfe

    great place for boat club - 10/28/2021 

    thomas Duncan Avatarthomas Duncan

    One of my favorite marinas on lake Conroe to transports boats to and from. They always treat the customer as... read more - 9/27/2021 

    Jeremy Underwood AvatarJeremy Underwood

    Have been here for a little over a year. Great service and friendly staff. Great prices for dry storage. Love... read more - 9/17/2021 

    Michelle Langstaff AvatarMichelle Langstaff

    This is such a nice area to launch and store your boat. The staff does a great job launching and... read more - 8/12/2021 

  • John Schweitzer AvatarJohn Schweitzer

    Best fuel prices on the lake friendly people easy pull up doc tie downs are ready all you got to... read more - 8/03/2021 

    david neal Avatardavid neal

    Very friendly people and they nice and clean - 8/03/2021 

    Bev Schmaltz AvatarBev Schmaltz

    Great place to get gas for the boat when your on Lake Conroe. Easy in and out and place... read more - 7/30/2021 

    David Lynch AvatarDavid Lynch

    First class facility they always go above and beyond and Alex is GREAT!!! - 7/26/2021 

  • Tammy Hogan AvatarTammy Hogan

    Seeing how I love the water boating and stuff excellent - 7/25/2021 

    BFrank Hawkins AvatarBFrank Hawkins

    I8 - 6/06/2021 

    Jennifer Boatright AvatarJennifer Boatright

    Best on earth 🥰😍 - 5/28/2021 

    Robert Daffin AvatarRobert Daffin

    Nice, clean, well kept marina. - 5/23/2021 

  • Jim Maxwell AvatarJim Maxwell

    Perfect location - 4/17/2021 

    Nicole Adams AvatarNicole Adams

    Attended the annual Christmas boat parade! Nice job Conroe! Enjoyed it very much!! - 4/03/2021 

    Chris Kelley AvatarChris Kelley

    Great marina the really take care of the clients. They have your boat waiting for you when you get there... read more - 11/24/2020 

    Shagster Labrathor AvatarShagster Labrathor

    Yehaaa - 10/24/2020 

  • James Borwell AvatarJames Borwell

    Great marina. Has boat valet for your boat storage included! Gas on site! Reasonably priced and very friendly! - 9/01/2020 

    Kathy Godsey AvatarKathy Godsey

    Beautiful - 7/08/2020 

    John AvatarJohn

    Great location and service. Friendly staff. - 7/08/2020 

    sbrega145 Avatarsbrega145

    Great marina, we have been here for years. - 6/08/2020 

  • Jay January AvatarJay January

    Great place family friendly clean Marina - 3/08/2020 

    diane cookson Avatardiane cookson

    Gorgeous - 11/08/2019 

    Daniel Gable AvatarDaniel Gable

    Palms is the best marina on Lake Conroe! The staff is always incredibly friendly, service is well above the competition,... read more - 11/08/2019 

    Brenda Scott AvatarBrenda Scott

    Great place - 11/08/2019 

  • Crystal Stanworth AvatarCrystal Stanworth

    Excellent service and amenities - 10/08/2019 

    Diane Hayner AvatarDiane Hayner

    Convenient friendly people - 9/08/2019 

    Pamela Siebold AvatarPamela Siebold

    Went boat riding a few times, loved it. The place is very nice and clean, and the people I talk... read more - 9/08/2019 

    Jd Butler AvatarJd Butler

    Excellent and the people were very nice!! - 9/08/2019 

  • Carl Carlson AvatarCarl Carlson

    Always has been clean , but seems their cutting back on upkeep, elec boxes broken and need of repairs. My... read more - 8/08/2019 

    Wanda Silva AvatarWanda Silva

    Very well maintained marina. - 8/08/2019 

    Eva Maroušková AvatarEva Maroušková

    Krásný výlet lodí a koupání na jezeře Conroe - 8/08/2019 

    chas blackmore Avatarchas blackmore

    The Palms is definitely one of the best places to keep your boat. - 8/08/2019 

  • P&C Shouse House AvatarP&C Shouse House

    Great marina - 8/08/2019 

    Andrew Womack AvatarAndrew Womack

    Very friendly place. Service is exceptional! Highly recommend storing and using the launch service - 8/08/2019 

    Nathan Stover AvatarNathan Stover

    Decent marina staff and facilities. The slips are nice. - 8/08/2019 

    Dennis Turskey Sr. AvatarDennis Turskey Sr.

    Lake cruising today - 8/08/2019 

  • Sheila Dean AvatarSheila Dean

    Nice place, good people, - 8/08/2019 

    Wayne Stroman AvatarWayne Stroman

    Best marina on Lake Conroe! - 8/08/2019 

    Rene Silva AvatarRene Silva

    Always a very pleasant and professional marina! - 8/08/2019 

    Meg Baum AvatarMeg Baum

    Great service! Love the valet boat launching!!! - 8/08/2019 

  • Hans Hammond AvatarHans Hammond

    Nice people and nice place to park your boat. - 8/08/2019 

    Darlene Humphrey AvatarDarlene Humphrey

    Great Shrimp Festival, great live music!! - 8/08/2018 

    Gus Torres AvatarGus Torres

    Great service - 8/08/2018 

    Nercy Rodriguez AvatarNercy Rodriguez

    Great!!!! - 8/08/2018 

  • Janet Carrizales AvatarJanet Carrizales

    So beautiful - 8/08/2018 

    Shiree Moore AvatarShiree Moore

    Nice day - 8/08/2018 

    john klaassens Avatarjohn klaassens

    Big - 8/08/2018 

    adam rodgers Avataradam rodgers

    Expensive, but easy and well kept. - 8/08/2018 

  • Angie Milam AvatarAngie Milam

    Nice place. A little pricey... - 8/08/2018 


    Worth every penny! - 8/08/2018 

    Elizabeth Marie Schnake AvatarElizabeth Marie Schnake

    They have cute little ducklings - 8/08/2018 

    Ms Heartlily AvatarMs Heartlily

    Very convenient. You don't really have to get out of the boat. The girls on the... read more - 8/08/2018 

  • Angie Milam AvatarAngie Milam

    Very nice, but too expensive. - 8/08/2018 

    Linda Burnett AvatarLinda Burnett

    Helpful docking good service and fuel designed for boats. - 8/08/2018 

    Craig Klein AvatarCraig Klein

    Great marina with super friendly and helpful staff. Clean bathrooms and plenty of food, drink and supplies in the... read more - 8/08/2018 

    Andrew lewis AvatarAndrew lewis

    It has really good sheltered ramps and easy access. The staff are nice and helpful. The place stays clean also. - 8/08/2018 

  • Bryan Deslatte AvatarBryan Deslatte

    Great place to store your boat with Valet boat launching on Lake Conroe. - 8/08/2018 

    JT Williams AvatarJT Williams

    Was a nice place they help you get your boat in the water as fast as possible prices to rent... read more - 8/08/2018 

    Raul Cerritos AvatarRaul Cerritos

    courteous employees! - 8/08/2018 

    James Hulse AvatarJames Hulse

    Great service and easy to lease a nice clean unit to protect my boat and make my lake time more enjoyable. - 8/08/2018 

  • Jerry Perry AvatarJerry Perry

    Thanks for everything - 8/08/2018 

    Ardra Satcherwhite AvatarArdra Satcherwhite

    Sublime and blissful - 8/08/2018 

    J Salazar AvatarJ Salazar

    One best marina on Lake Conroe - 8/08/2018 

    andy bowers Avatarandy bowers

    The best marina out on Lake Conroe hands down! - 8/08/2018 

  • Gustavo Torres AvatarGustavo Torres

    Great service - 4/24/2018 

    Thomas “Lead Clickz” Lopez AvatarThomas “Lead Clickz” Lopez

    Great service and we'll taken care of. It's worth the price for the service. - 9/06/2017 

    Thomas Rogers AvatarThomas Rogers

    Beautiful location - 8/08/2017 

    Danny Thompson AvatarDanny Thompson

    Good people - 8/08/2017 

  • John Boston AvatarJohn Boston

    Located in a great spot and I can get to my boat easily, anytime I want. They have a little... read more - 8/08/2017 

    Thomas Lopez AvatarThomas Lopez

    Great service and we'll taken care of. It's worth the price for the service. - 8/08/2017 

    Neev Dash AvatarNeev Dash

    Great place, good prices and staff. Best boating area to the left, no stumps or shallow waters - 8/08/2017 

    David Hall AvatarDavid Hall

    Nicest marina on the lake with caring staff - 8/08/2017 

  • Matthieu Trudell AvatarMatthieu Trudell

    Not bad - 8/08/2016 

    David Weldon AvatarDavid Weldon

    Beautiful marina! - 8/08/2016 

    Yves Trudell AvatarYves Trudell

    Nice facility. Has fuel, washrooms, store, in-water covered docking, and valet service. The only thing that can be improved on... read more - 8/08/2016 

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These are reviews from our Facebook business page. None of these were solicited or submitted by Palms Marina. These are legitimate reviews.

facebook logoPalms MarinaPalms Marina
4.9 Stars - Based on 72 User Reviews
  • Karyn Morgan AvatarKaryn Morgan

    Beautiful sunsets on this peaceful dock. - 9/25/2021 

    Jim Bush AvatarJim Bush

    Best marina on Lake Conroe by far!!!! It's like you are part of a family.... - 8/26/2021 

    Mina Elizondo-Board AvatarMina Elizondo-Board

    Love our bee temporary boat home! Everyone so nice and hospitable!😘 - 7/13/2021 

    Gregory Engel AvatarGregory Engel

    Very clean marina in comparison to others we looked at and all employees that we have met have been great people. - 12/10/2020 

  • Jeremy Underwood AvatarJeremy Underwood

    Friendly service and the Valet is where it's at!! Thanks - 7/18/2020 

    Marlene Breedlove AvatarMarlene Breedlove

    good marina and great service! - 5/18/2020 

    Yolanda M. Wiggins AvatarYolanda M. Wiggins

    Great place, very clean and awesome staff! Good vibes! ?⚓️??? - 5/02/2020 

    Jennifer Lynn Boatright AvatarJennifer Lynn Boatright

    best marina and dock ever!!!!
    staff is amazing and always helpful we always have a good time there lots of memories...
    read more - 4/03/2020 

  • Jason Dunham AvatarJason Dunham

    Great marina, great people, great staff. Summer has this marina running like a well oiled machine she is awesome. - 3/14/2020 

    Wesley B Kizer AvatarWesley B Kizer

    Great facilities great service
    And the fishing report by Lindsay ? - 9/11/2019 

    DarylTiffany Rose AvatarDarylTiffany Rose

    Great place. Everything you need and treat you like family. - 8/31/2019 

    Jim W. Bush AvatarJim W. Bush

    Great marina with a super staff to help with anything you need. - 8/27/2019 

  • Mark Adolph AvatarMark Adolph

    Everyone is great to work with! The best Marina on Lake Conroe! - 8/22/2019 

    Elizabeth Sullivan AvatarElizabeth Sullivan

    Best dock ever! Super nice facilities and WiFi!! - 8/07/2019 

    Amy Jacobsen Lang AvatarAmy Jacobsen Lang

    Love the Palms! Awesome help! Don’t go anywhere else! - 4/21/2019 

    Darrell Dearborn AvatarDarrell Dearborn

    great fishing today , beautiful weather - 4/11/2019 

  • Rick McCord AvatarRick McCord

    Top of the line service!! Six years going on Seven!! - 9/04/2018 

    Iron Fontenot AvatarIron Fontenot

    yes I did some work over there
    I love it over there.. - 7/26/2018 

    Yancy Wilson AvatarYancy Wilson

    This service is excellent, all the staff are very friendly and quick about their jobs. We’ve never had to wait... read more - 5/28/2018 

    Mark Santos AvatarMark Santos

    Great people and service - 5/23/2018 

  • Ian Rogero AvatarIan Rogero

    The people of C dock have been welcoming to us. The store, employees, and service are top knotch!!
    For inquiries ask...
    read more - 5/21/2018 

    Nikki Kincer AvatarNikki Kincer

    Best Marina on the Lake! Service and amenities are AMAZING - 5/20/2018 

    Cardenas Angelie AvatarCardenas Angelie

    Great family outdoors place to be and enjoy the water ..Nature so beautiful, that's priceless!! I've tooken beautiful scenery pictures... read more - 7/13/2017 

    Dee Dee AvatarDee Dee

    Very on top of our launching and pick up requests. Staff are really nice! - 6/09/2017 

  • Jason Jones AvatarJason Jones

    Best marina on Lake Conroe hands down. Cleanest facilities, friendliest staff, nobody compares to the palms marina. If you ain't... read more - 5/14/2017 

    Debby Young AvatarDebby Young

    Nice Marina. Love the valet launching. Staff is friendly. - 3/01/2017 

    Jimmy Preather AvatarJimmy Preather

    This marina is by far the best on the lake. Nothing on Lake Conroe compares. - 1/11/2017 

    Billy Jenkins AvatarBilly Jenkins

    Best place on the lake to keep your boat either dry storage or in the water - 10/09/2016 

  • Jim Noblitt AvatarJim Noblitt

    We love this place! We have been at The Palms Marina for about and year and are impressed with... read more - 10/03/2016 

    Craig Dawson AvatarCraig Dawson

    We have been a member/customer for a year now and very happy with every aspect of the marina and the... read more - 6/22/2016 

    Eddy Olsen AvatarEddy Olsen

    Hands down The BEST Marina on Lake Conroe. Great amenities and friendly staff - 5/27/2016 

    Cecil Ingold AvatarCecil Ingold

    Great location, Great customer Service, Great Services. I am a customer there and HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. - 5/25/2016 

  • Dudley P Allen AvatarDudley P Allen

    The best Marina on the lake and the coolest people/customers... Love the place!!! Run like a finely tuned machine.... Ben... read more - 9/01/2015 

    Michelle Rogers AvatarMichelle Rogers

    We love The Palms! Awesome staff and superior service. The valley guys are very quick to get you in and... read more - 7/09/2015 

    Rick Cloutier AvatarRick Cloutier

    Best run marina on the lake. Great people, top quality docks, with pump outs every 20 feet. There's a reason... read more - 6/17/2014 

    Ronnie Wright AvatarRonnie Wright

    Time share Here's on - 6/07/2014 

  • Jack Behar AvatarJack Behar

    A great marina with the best people working there. Everyone is so helpful and the valet service is white glove!!!! - 5/19/2014 

    David Christensen AvatarDavid Christensen

    Nice facilities and helpful staff. - 3/05/2014 

    David Hall AvatarDavid Hall

    Best Marina on Lake Conroe - 12/13/2013 

Testimonials from this Website

  • I enjoyed my time at The Palms Marina. Your team is very good and the facilities are great. Thanks.

    Russ Green 5/04/2020

    I've dry docked my boat at Palms for the past three years and can say with confidence that the experience has been 100% positive across the board. The staff is amazing, quick to respond to any and every request, very... read more

    Paul Schmidt 5/14/2018

    Full Service Experience with Palms Marina 6/25/16: I have to say that after 26+ years in Hospitality/Customer Service we have never had the Service Level we experienced at the Palms Marina and it was all because of this young lady... read more

    John & Sidonia Golden 6/26/2016

    The team and people at the Palms are hands down are some of the most professional people I have met. The service and support is excellent. The site is pristine and clean and everyone goes out of their way to... read more

    Robert Conners 7/01/2015
  • I will be moving out of town and would like to give a 30 day notice. I will no longer need my stall after the month of June 2015. The service at Palms marina was excellent.

    John Kelley 6/04/2015

    I have been a customer of EZ Boat Storage and the Palm Marina since 2004. Ben Richardson's first class boat storage and launching services is almost like having your own personal concierge to take care of your boats. The staff... read more

    Larry Cunningham 3/10/2014

    Great atmosphere, great owners, very helpful employees, great fishing, wonderful bathrooms and clean, there just a better place to put your vessel. Security is awesome. Very friendly tenants... Very professional and courteous staff. Always throwing events to get the tenants... read more

    Dudley Allen 3/06/2014

    I am really glad to have this outlet to sing the praises of The Palms Marina! Especially Summer and Kat, I can't say enough about these two ladies. Summer has been such a blessing to me in so many ways.... read more

    Martin Starnes 3/06/2014
  • Clean, Professional, Friendly, Well-maintained, Insect control, Quality Fuel, one of the best that I've been in around the country.

    Frank Jost 3/06/2014

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