LeBlanc: A look at some new boat accessories

Conroe Courier/ February 10, 2021

No boat shows this year can eliminate the adventure out of looking around at all of the new goodies for our boats that we love to look at, dream about, and try and figure out how we can afford to make out boats more user friend…

LeBlanc: Tips to prepare your boat for winter

Conroe Courier/ November 4, 2020

Here we are faced with some cold weather for a few days and some boaters will be thinking about putting their boats away for the winter. And if you are in that group, you need to keep in mind that there is a right and a wrong w…

LeBlanc: Fourth of July is a big boating weekend

Conroe Courier/ July 1, 2020

The Fourth of July is here already and we have once again passed the half-way mark for another year. As is normal, the days have started to get shorter by about five minutes a day until the winter solstice, which is Dec. 21. Fo…

LeBlanc: Summer weather is the time for kayakers

Conroe Courier/ June 10, 2020

June is here and the weather has been kind of stormy at times, but it is summer so it can become bright and sunny at any minute and grow hot enough to cook an egg on the sidewalk. I can also remember many a summer that demonstr…

How to Choose a Good Dry Boat Storage Facility

Palms Marina/ November 21, 2019

When you decide to take the plunge to become a boat owner, you immediately realize how important the location of the boat becomes. It may be kept in a driveway, garage, backyard, marina, dry storage facility or other places not usually suitable for your boat. This article will address what to think about and look for in dry storage facility.

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LeBlanc: Winterizing your boat is important

Conroe Courier/ October 16, 2019

It still may be warm here but believe it or not winter is on the way…probably. Well it usually comes down this way anytime now from today through February, so we need to be prepared for it just in case it gets here. For those o…

New safety check initiative hitting Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe News/ April 7, 2017

LAKE CONROE – As boaters are expected to hit the lake this summer, law enforcement officials are starting up a new initiative to make sure those boaters are doing so in a safe manner. The Montgomery County Precinct 1 Constable’s Office kicked off…

LeBlanc: Mind boat launch manners and etiquette

Lake Conroe News/ August 27, 2013

I do not know where this year is going, but it appears to have been passing me by at an alarming rate of speed. It seems like schools were just getting out for the summer and my grandson was mowing my grass every week — for a substantial fee…