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The new Palms Marina (located were the old Anchorage Marina use to be) on the east side of the lake must be considered the very best marina on the lake for all the right reasons.

My wife Linda and I have a large 78+ foot houseboat (“It’s Ah Blessing”) we provide free as a ministry resource for community churches, youth groups and other Christian organizations so with this size and extensive use comes special needs. Palms Marina has welcomed us and so many other large houseboats, beautiful cruisers and “weekenders” meeting,,,,NO, far exceeding our needs and desires.

First consider the location, convenient to I-45 only 5.5 miles west on F.M. 830 Seven Coves exit. On the lake it’s just around the corner from the lighthouse, 10 minutes to the island and 15 minutes to the beach at the dam. Plenty of on the water restaurants to choose from also.

2. The depth of the marina is also a big plus as I am sitting in 18+ feet at the end of D dock t-head yet I have checked out the entire marina with our ski boat and haven’t found anything less than 8 feet anywhere.

3. It’s all new construction with covering for everyone (except us as we are too big). They have that neat spider kill system so no more cobwebs and our wives are very happy.

4. Big plus for us is the dockside septic pump out. No longer do you have to move your boat to pump out as it is located at every other slip. Powerful, all new system that gets the job done fast, clean and efficiently.

5. They got the best gas on the lake at the best price. They have the “Valvtech” gas that has the additives to take care of the ethanol problems and water problems you get from other marinas. You also get a huge discount if you are a slip owner which makes the price drop to street prices for high grade and quality gas. They also are the only marina that has diesel fuel on the lake. Great fuel station with pumpout for you transit folks. They also have a very well stocked general store with fresh milk to cold beer, fishing supplies to boating supplies. Two wonderful ladies are behind the desk, Edith (also a marina manager) and Zee. They always have a wonderful smile and a hot cup of coffee for you. Under construction is a new laundry, restroom and shower facility for all wet slip tenants to use opening in just a couple of weeks. They plan a huge open house for the entire marina on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. This would be an excellent day to come check it all out.

6. Valet launch is another plus for us as we have a ski boat we use almost on a daily bases with the different groups that come out to visit us. Just ask Jeremy or Bubba to go get your boat and they gladly go fetch and then dunk and you drive off. When you’re done boating, they are there with your trailer, you drive on, they drive off and you wave bye, bye. Bad news though, they are almost full with very few covered sheds left so better consider it soon.

7. Fantastic neighbors as we all have one common denominator, we all love boating. Many of us large boats were from Del Lago (La Torretta) when they unexpectedly asked us to leave on August 1st. We are all here now on what we have dubbed as “refugee row” and we couldn’t be happier. At Del Lago we were struggling through reconstruction issues like no water, no power, do it yourself septic issues and very a shallow marina at 2.5 feet under my hull when left on August 12th. This is a new deep water marina with all the amenities we could ever want or need.

8. Easy yet secure marina access from the water or land. By land after hours it is a gated community with a secure code. By water, plenty of room to navigate the entrance, no fancy maneuvering around shape, crowded corners like Walden Marina or Del Lago. Just idle in a short way to your dock, fuel station or valet launch.

9. The marina management is the best of the best. I have never been to any marina where the management and staff are so friendly and accommodating. True, consistent and sincere “Richardson family” hospitality is what we have found here as they listen and respond to our comments, concerns or suggestions. Ben and Summer have been wonderful hosts to all of us. They are so very approachable and a pleasure to do business with. They want to make your boating experience hassle free and for their marina to be the best on the lake. They have already proven themselves with us.

10. Fishing is fantastic here but you have to be a wet slip owner to enjoy it. This last Sunday we caught bass, catfish and big crappie (yes I said big (2.5+lbs) CRAPPIE in AUGUST!) and lots of them. Anchorage marina was well known for its excellent fishing so while the old, dilapidated docks are gone, the fish are back.

Nope, I am not employed by them to write this blog nor do I get any other considerations. My wife and I are just so happy here we thought you all should know. Please come by and visit us here at the end of D dock (refugee row). Please remember it’s an idle, no wake zone.

Wishing you and yours the very best life has to offer,

Rick and Linda Swanson

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