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We are still up to our ears in trying to stay at home, and the walls are closing in on us as we keep out of the way of the coronavirus. I can tell you that I have enjoyed about all of this hibernating I can stand, but I guess it beats getting sick.

I have noticed while my wife and I have been out walking two and three times a day, that many of our neighbors have been doing a lot of jobs around their homes that have probably been on the back burner, but they never had the time to attend to them. Yards are all mowed and neatly trimmed, houses, driveways, and decks pressure washed, and new landscaping is readily evident. I wonder if they are taking the time to get caught up, or just fighting cabin fever. Whichever, I have another suggestion that is something that may help keep you busy and help protect a very expensive investment.

With public events being canceled due to concerns over coronavirus, boating is perhaps the most enjoyable way to spend time with immediate family while still social distancing. Even away from the crowds, there are still everyday germs and grime to contend with on a boat that can build up over periods of use. With idle time on your hands, this can be a good occasion to address the everyday buildup and also help protect the finish of your boat. That simply means there probably isn’t a boat in Montgomery County, Texas, that couldn’t benefit from a thorough cleaning from stem to stern.

In a home, neatness counts when it comes to cleaning. On a boat, almost every exterior surface is designed to get wet, but do not use your everyday household cleaning products on your boat because the surface may be damaged. Use only cleaners designed for modern boat finishes. There are many on the market, but those that I find what works for me is the Shurhold boat cleaning products.

Because of the makeup of soap, it actually breaks apart the viruses and dissolves the bond between the viruses and the surfaces they’re residing on. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this makes it more effective at combating coronavirus than alcohol or disinfectants. It also makes it ideal for hands and large areas of a boat, such as decks and cockpits.

I know all the hype right now is about the coronavirus, but don’t forget about the other viruses that will also be destroyed by a thorough cleaning.

There’s little doubt that bleach kills germs. Bleach wipes are extremely handy to use and disinfect areas quickly. But it can also quickly degrade gelcoat and vinyl, discolor paint, and corrode boat fittings. Specific boat cleaning products will safely clean, but it is still important to immediately rinse with fresh water and dry with a chamois. As a final step, I detail with Shurhold Serious Shine. This removes the caustic effects of cleaners and protects surfaces against the harmful effects of UV rays.

As a final coat, I find Serious Shine is really easy and effective. I simply spray it on and wiped it off with a clean microfiber cloth. Once the solution begins to disappear, buff the area lightly with a clean microfiber cloth. The result is a deep, germ-free, clean, high gloss finish and no greasy residue. You can find microfiber cloths just about anywhere like the Dollar General, Walmart, auto supply stores — you get the idea.

For more cleaning information about protecting you boat surface you can find key tips for boat value preservation from Shurhold on line at

Another area I would like to address is the live well in a boat. It can be a constant battle to get rid of and keep live wells free from scum and odor. You can have everything from a faint musty smell or a full-on give a buzzard the dry heaves stink from a live well. Mold, mildew, and microorganisms love and thrive in moist environments, which can be a real problem down here in Southeast Texas. On top of that, live wells can be difficult to get down into to give them a complete cleaning.

A good way that I have found to deal with the problem is with Live Well Cleaner from Iosso Products made right her in the USA. It will remove odors in coolers, refrigerators, bait buckets, as well as live wells leaving them clean and odor-free. It is also tough on scum and many stains. For instance, it easily removes fish blood and algae, and cleans waterline slime, and it won’t affect fiberglass, paint, or vinyl or corrode metal.

While you are cleaning your live well and boat in general, it is a good idea to check all through the hull hoses and clamps. These areas are usually not checked as often as they should be, so looks for signs of cracking of lines or signs of dry rot and it the clamps look corroded or not in first class shape this is a good time to change them.

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