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Fishing on Lake Conroe is slow to fair. The water temperature at the dam early in the morning has been running 81 degrees. If the clouds open up, the surface temperature can rise to 85 or 90 degrees as the day wears on. The water level is 200.06 feet above mean sea level, and no water is being released, according to the San Jacinto River Authority.

Black bass fishing is slow to fair, as seen lately in the results of the local tournaments. The bass have been shallow early before the sun gets up too high. Soft plastic worms and Baby Brush Hogs are still bringing some action in the shallows. Once the sun gets up, the bass go down to deeper structures, and Carolina rigged soft plastics or deep diving crank baits are a good starting point. Later, as the sun goes down, there can be some action back in the shallows.

Crappie are slow. The few reported landed have been down in water 15-22 feet deep on brush or other structure, but you have to work hard to get them. Minnows or small jigs are being used, but minnows are best at this time.

Hybrids are at 15-26 feet over humps, and points along deep drop-offs around the lake are good locations. Trolling spoons or Rat-L-Traps are good methods to finding fish. Fishing with live shad is also a good way to generate bites. In the evening, fishing around lights can bring some hybrid action.

Catfish are fair to good on prepared bait and minnows on main river and creek edges and pond damns in 15-22 feet of water. They are on baited holes, and range cubes are excellent to bait them. One- to three-pound catfish are the size that can be expected.

Bream are biting well early in shaded areas, five feet or less, around riprap and docks on meal worms and night crawlers under corks. Later they can be found deeper on brush or other structure. Large hand size bream are being caught using slip corks and meal worms or night crawlers in water 12-15 feet deep around structure.

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