Conroe Courier/ August 4, 2021/ Fishing Reports, News

Fishing on Lake Conroe has been slow to good depending on what you are after. The water in the main lake is clear. The level lately was 200.84feet above mean sea level, and the temperature of the water at the dam is running about 85.15 degrees at daylight in the morning. The Lake Release is 0 CFS, City of Houston Diversion(COH) is 0 CFS and the Ground Reduction Plan(GRP) is 19.24 CFS according to the San Jacinto River Authority.

Black bass fishing is in it's summer pattern with fair action in the shallows early and late. During the heat of the day anglers report that they may be found back on structures and brush at close to 18 feet around the lake. Soft plastics in Watermelon Green or pumpkin with a chartreuse tail are good starters. Deep diving crankbaits are also a good starting lure. Top water lures are producing some catches early around downed logs and vegetation with a few keepers.

Crappie are slow and scarce right now. Not many guides are taking crappie trips at this time because the bite is so slow. If you are determined to try and get some you might try the usual structure like around the dam, bridge pylons, and other normal structure for them. The water will have to cool off before crappie will pickup again.

Catfish are back on the baited holes in water 18 to 22 feet deep. James Tucker said they are catching a lot of under size catfish and small keepers along with the occasional 3 to 5 pound fish. Tucker said that limits of keeper catfish are normal. Stink bait and chicken liver are producing good catches. Tucker uses a number 8 treble hook and a 1/8 to 1/4 ounce egg sinker.

Hybrid striped bass are hit and miss according to most anglers. Most that are reported caught when anglers are fishing for catfish with chicken liver. You can try trolling over humps and ridges and that will allow you to cover more area and also increase your chances. It is important that the juvenile hybrids not be mistaken for white bass, so if you catch one under 18 inches and aren't sure throw them back.

Bream are picking up well and some nice, large, hand size bream are being caught once again on meal worms and night crawlers down where you find the catfish. There are some large bream reported around the bridge near Stow-A-Way Marina. They are biting on Mr. Whiskers catfish bait on number 8 treble hooks. Some are being caught in the shallows early and late also.

The information was provided in part by James Tucker who works at Stow-A-Way Marina. Stow-A-Way Marina and RV Park can be reached at (936) 856-4531.

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