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Fishing on Lake Conroe is up and down once again with the rain and weather fronts. The water temperature at the dam early in the morning has been running about 70 degrees. As the day wears on and if sun comes out it has been warming up, especially in the shallows and back waters of the creeks.

The water at this time is still a little cloudy in the main lake and the level is 201.35 feet. The City of Houston Diversion (COH) is 0 CFS, the Ground Reduction Plan (GRP) is 20.95 CFS and 1064 CFS is being released from the Lake according to the San Jacinto River Authority.

Black bass fishing is good and to get into the money at the tournaments this week you needed over 20 pounds. Fishing guide Butch Terpe said he went out for a while this week and caught nine bass in a short time. Four were keepers in the two to six plus pound range in two to five feet of water along the vegetation and lay down logs. Texas rigged worms, top water lures and spinner baits are working well in the shallows. He also said the shad are spawning and the bass he has caught are full of them.

Crappie fishing is fair. We just don't seem to have the numbers at this time. Terpe said they are on brush and other structure in around 18 feet of water. Minnows and jigs are good baits. Mostly large crappie are being caught and few, if any, small ones. Two to five keepers from each brush pile is about what you can expect.

Catfish are good on baited areas at 20-to-21 feet on creek edges and humps. Terpe said the parties he has had out recently have had 38 keeper catfish in a few hours. Generally the sizes are running one to two pounds with an occasional three pound catfish landed. Some catfish can be found also early in warm water in the shallows chasing the spawning shad. Fish for the shallow catfish using shad under corks.

Hybrid stripers are slow with the high, cloudy water. Terpe said he has had reports of a few 12 to 15 inch hybrids being caught on baited holes with the catfish.

Bream are starting to move in shallower. A few are showing up when fishing along rocks and riprap as the water warms. Meal worms and night crawlers are good baits.

Butch Terpe, who works out of Stow-A-Way Marina, has made the information for this fishing report available. Terpe has been a full time guide for over 30 years. For information about his services, he can be reached at (936) 856-7080. For information about Stow-A-Way Marina call (936) 856-4531.

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