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Jun 02

Use caution, common sense on Lake Conroe

With a little luck we may be seeing a break in the large amount of rain we have had once again and maybe we will be good for a while and dry out a little and also can get back to hot and muggy weather. Of course I sure would hate to see the rain …

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May 13

Lake Conroe Reaches Full Pool Level

The day has finally arrived. Our surface elevation has reached 201. Last day the lake was at this level was April 27, 2010.

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May 23

Important Message for Registered Boaters from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Important Message for Registered Boaters Texas Parks and Wildlife Department sent this bulletin at 05/22/2013 04:27 PM CDT Having trouble viewing this email? View it as a Web page. This is an important message for registered Texas boat owners Dear Boat Owner, Right now, our lakes and rivers are under attack by Zebra Mussels. In …

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Mar 01

The Lake Conroe Stump Removal Project and Map

Taking advantage of the low lake levels, the SJRA, TPWD, Tx Bass Federation, Lake Conroe Association along with the family that owns EZ Boat Storage and the Palms Marina pooled private funds to embark on a stump cutting project to eliminate the visible stumps in the main body of the lake (not the tributaries, shorelines …

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Feb 01

Clearing Stumps From Lake Conroe

At the end of last year (12/13/11), local Fishing Organizations, The Lake Conroe Association, San Jacinto River Authority, Texas Parks and Wildlife, US Forestry Service, E-Z Boat Storage and the Palms Marina began working together in an effort to eliminate stump hazards located in the main parts of the lake (not creeks, tributaries, or dry …

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Sep 12

Using the Lake Envronment to Improve Boat Launching Service

As more and more public and private boat launch locations become unusable, E-Z Boat began deepening its North Ramp by extending it another 4 feet into the lake. Although the channel to the lake has too many high spots for much continued use beyond today’s level (5.5 ft low), the ramp will provide an extremely …

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Jul 21

Some Marinas and Boat Launch Facilites Getting Ready for Lower Lake Levels on Lake Conroe

You’ve seen the barges and draglines shuttling dirt from place to place for weeks now. Homeowners along the shoreline are taking advantage of the decreasing lake levels to deepen their channels to the lake. For many, the dredging is the only option to use their boats at all. Others have removed their boats from the …

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Apr 18

Showing respect as boating season arrives

Posted: Sunday, April 17, 2011 10:49 pm The water is getting warmer and the fish are spawning. The weather is great. Our lakes and rivers are starting to get crowded again. The only downside is that the water levels are down and it may be a little tricky to maneuver to your favorite fishin’ hole. …

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Feb 10

If the Wind Is Blowing – Don’t Forget To Fish The Windward Bank

CRAPPIE FISHING TIPS: Got a chance to hit the water a couple of weeks ago. I love fishing in December when there are not as many people on the water, and I am not sweating myself to death trying to catch a few Crappie. It was a Saturday with temps in the 70′s, and a …

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Aug 22

Grass Carp (White Amur)

Finding the most effective ballance between having enough grass carp in the Lake and not reducing the vegitation down to nothing is a real challenge for all of those wanting to find that perfect balance. The current situation is that we have to many large grass carp in the Lake for a proper balance of …

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