Conroe Courier/ November 10, 2021/ Fishing Reports, News

Fishing on Lake Conroe has been fair to good depending on what you are after, but an improvement is being seen with the cooler weather and water temperature. The water in the main lake is clear and the level lately is 199.66 feet above mean sea level.

The temperature of the water at the dam is running about 65.7 degrees early in the morning. The Lake Release is 0 CFS, City of Houston Diversion(COH) is 0 CFS and the Ground Reduction Plan(GRP) is 17.65 CFS according to the San Jacinto River Authority.

Black bass fishing is starting to pick up a little as is normal this time of year. Early and late are still the best times. Black bass are in the shallows early and late and on the brush piles and other deeper structures throughout the lake during midday. Early Texas rigged soft plastics are working in shallows around logs and weeds. Crank baits and Carolina rigged soft plastics are generating strikes on brush pile and other structure at 15 to 20 feet deep.

Catfish are biting well. The parties out recently are bring home their limit of keepers, or as many as they want to clean, with an occasional blue cat up to 3 pounds. They are along main lake humps and points and submerged pond dams in 18 to 30 feet of water on baited holes. Chicken liver is working well for bait as is shrimp dipped in punch baits and stink baits. Drifting over flats with cut bait may get some nice blue cats also.

Crappie are still slow but a few are now being caught over brush 15 to 20 feet deep. A few have been reported in marina stalls. Minnow are the best bait but they will also bite on jigs if you can feel the light hits.

Hybrid striped bass are picking up some. As the water temperature cools they start to get more active. Remember juvenile hybrids look a lot like white bass, so if you catch one under 18 inches and aren't sure which it is put it back in the lake.

Bream are on rocks and riprap anywhere on the lake. Large, hand size bream are being caught on shrimp under corks as well as meal worms or night crawlers. Early and late along the shore under shade is the best time to catch them.

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